Railway Board Orders 2012

  1. Revised pay limits for entitlement of Passes/PTOs - reckoning of running allowance in case of running staff/Case of Tower Wagon Drivers (TWD).-RBE 148/2012.

  2. Delegation of powers to General Managers for (a) Reimbursement of medical expenses and (b) Advance payment & referral to non recognized private hospitals.

  3. CUG facility to PREM group Constituents.

  4. Railway Board have constituted a Committee to examine the categories of staff to be covered under CUG facility.

  5. Expanding the Dental procedures for Railwaybeneficiaries and extension to the arrangement relating to provision of reimbursement of expenditure incurred on the Dental treatment.

  6. Retention of Railway accommodation at the previous place of posting in favour of the officers/staff posted to Jammu-
    Udhampur-Srinagar- Baramulla Project.-RBE 145/2012.

  7. Rightsizing-Policy on Creation of Posts in Indian Railways-RBE 147/2012.

  8. Grant of financial upgradation under MACP Scheme - Clarrification issued by Railway Board. -RBE 142/2012.

  9. Revision in the rate of Special Allowance in respect of staff working in central Ticket checking squad of Railway Board. Rates enhanced to Rs. 250. Effective Date: 01.01.2011.-RBE 143/2012

  10. Grant of Dearness Relief to the Railway Pensioners who are in receipt of provisional pension or pension in the pre-revised scale of 5th CPC w.e.f. 01.07.2012. -RBE 140/2012.

  11. Revision of designation of erstwhile Group D staff.

  12. Training of Front Line Staff in rendering First Aid. -RBE 144/2012.

  13. Retention of Railway accommodation at the previous place of posting by Railway Officers/Staff on their deputation to PSUs.-RBE 138/2012

  14. Retention of Railway accommodation at the previous place of posting by Railway Officers/Staff posted to Rail Wheel Plant (RWP)/Bela (Dist. Saran, Bihar).-RBE 136/2012

  15. Training Module to Chief Staff & Welfare Inspector and Office Superintendent of Personnel & other Departments Selected through LDCE Quota-RBE 133/2012.

  16. Enhancement in the Rates of Honorarium payable to Various functionaries engaged by RRBs for conducting examinations-RBE 125/2012.

  17. Family Pension - List of documents to be submitted by a claimant member of family (other than spouse) along with Form 10, PPO and death certificate in respect of the deceased pensioner/family pensioner-RBE 128/2012.

  18. Validity of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes (PRCP)/Widow Passes issued to KRCL Employees over Indian Railways. RBE 132/2012.

  19. Rates of Dearness Allowance applicable w.e.f. 01-07-2012 to the Railway employees continuing to draw their pay in the pre-revised scale as per 5th CPC- RBE 131/2012.

  20. Revision of minimum rates of wages & variable Dearness Allowance- RBE 116/2012.

  21. Rates of Night Duty Allowance w.e.f 01.07.2012- RBE 129/2012.

  22. Reconstitution of the complaints committee to enquire into the sexual harrasment complaints against Secretaries & Additional Secretaries to the Government of India-RBE 127/2012.

  23. Recruitment of staff in Pay Band -1 of Rs.5200-20200 (Grade Pay Rs.1800) on Indian Railways - Criteria for Physical Efficiency Test (PET) regarding (12.11.2012)-RBE 126/2012.

  24. CC-68 provision of carriying ID proof during journey on reserved tickets.

  25. CC-67 Amendment in Tatkal Scheme.

  26. Issue of uniform and other accessories to Trackmen, Keymen, Mates, Patrolmen, Gatemen and Trollymen - supply of luminescent vests (safety jacket)-specification regarding. (07.11.2012) RBE 123/2012.

  27. Constitution of Committee for conduct of Secret Ballot Elections by Railway Board vide Order No. ERB-I/2012/23/49 dated 09.11.2012

  28. Exemption from the provisions of Railways Act,1989 in respect of Track Machine Staff. (07.11.2012)-RBE 121/2012

  29. Procedure for dealing with DAR cases against Group C and Group D arising out of vigilance investigation. RBV 06/2012.

  30. Engagement of Course Completed Act Apprentices as substitutes in Group ā€˜Dā€™ on Indian Railways- RBE 113/2012.

  31. Grant of ad-hoc bonus for 30 days to the Group 'C' & 'D' RPF/RPSF personnel for the financial year 2011-2012 RBE 124/2012.

  32. Clarification Regarding Payment of Family Pension to Physically Handicapped/Mentally Disabled Children RBE 120/2012.

  33. Railway Board has issued corrigendum on PLB to be paid to all Non-Gazetted employees of Indian Railways RBE-119/2012.

  34. Exemption of Transport Allowance from the Purview of Income Tax.

  35. 78-day PLB to the Railwaymen for 2011-12 has been approved by the Finance Ministry Railway Board has issued orders RBE-118/2012.

  36. Grant of Privilege Passes/PTOs to the dependent relatives-raising the income ceiling limit.

  37. Railway Board has requested to MOF to exempt Transport Allowance from the Purview of Income Tax.

  38. Grant of Dearness Relief to Railway pensioners/family pensioners - Revised rate effective from 01.07.2012-RBE 114/2012.

  39. Payment of Dearness Allowance to Railway employees - Revised Rates effective from 1.7.2012-RBE 112/2012

  40. Railway Board has extended the facility of Washing allowance to Gr. III and Gr.-IV category of Trackmainter-RBE 110/2012.

  41. Re-engagement of Retired Staff on daily remuneration basis in exigencies of services RBE 109/2012.

  42. Status of Promotion made between date of effect & date of implementation of recommendations of 6th CPC & seniority of staff in merged grades in persuance of Recommendations of 6th CPC - RBE 107/2012.

  43. Issues related to Trackmen Package and recommendations of joint committee- RBE 106/2012.

  44. Appointment on Compassionatge Ground-Clarifications on Educational Qualifications-RBE 102/2012.

  45. Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 ā€” Clarification under Second Proviso under Rule 5 regarding option on promotions between 1.1.2006 & the date of notification RBE 105/2012.

  46. On the stand taken by AIRF, Additional Member (PU) has assured that News Paper reports about Corporisation of Production Units of Indian Railways are baseless.

  47. MACP Scheme for Railway Servants-treatment of employees selected under LDCE/GDCE-Clarification regarding RBE 100/2012.

  48. Allotment of revised pay structure for Official Language staff of Indian Railways as per recommendation of sixth cpc RBE 101/2012.

  49. Recognition/acceptance of Section 'A' and 'B' examination conducted by the Institution of Engineers (India), 8 Gokhale Road, Kolkata for employment purpose on the Railways.

  50. Revision in the rates of Kilometreage Allowance and Allowance in lieu of Kilometreage (ALK) with effect from 01.01.2011.

  51. Grant of Additional Increment to outstanding sportsmen.

  52. Dress Regulations 2004-Uniform Committee-modification reg.

  53. Appointment of Jansadharan Ticket Booking Sewak.

  54. Benefits of MACP to Railway School Teachers.

  55. Study Leave for Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fellowship and other Fellowships offered by reputed Institutes.- RBE 98/2012.

  56. Record note of discussions held on 02.05.2012 regarding DC/JCM item No. 25/2004: Denial of allowance in lieu of Kilometerage (ALK) to the 'medically decategorised drivers drafted to perform duties of Power/ Crew controller.

  57. Imparting Moral Education to the Directly Recruited Staff & Supervisors RBE 90/2012.

  58. Record Note of Discussions held by Board(MT) with the Staff Side on DC/JCM Item No. 4/2009: Provision of ACs in the UTs machine offices on the Suburban Section.

  59. Record Note of discussions held on 20.06.012- Implementation of Rest Rules of Staff of Track Machine Organization.

  60. Grant of Special Allowance to Track Maintainer deployed for manning any of the engineering gates @ Rs.375/- PM-RBE 99/2012.

  61. Implementation of Recommendations 6th CPC - Merger of grades - Revised Classification and mode of filling up of non-gazetted posts -Scheme for filling up of vacancies after 31.12.2011-RBE 65-2012.

  62. Minimum number of Gateman at a level crossing.

  63. Recognition of 'qualification of Prathama Examination conducted by Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Allahabad. RBE 94/2012.

  64. Recognition of qualificaton awarded by MIITs-Clarification-reg RBE 92/2012.

  65. Children Education Allowance Hostel Subsidy Clarification-reg RBE 93/2012.

  66. Restructuring/Reorganisation of Staffing pattern of Trackmen on Indian Railways.-RBE 91/2012

  67. Recruitment of Spots Persons against sports quota-RBE 95/2012- Reg.

  68. Standards of Operating Procedures (SOP) on membership of professional bodies and re-imbursement of membership fee.

  69. MACP Anomaly in Accounts department of Railways.

  70. Training slots for Trade Apprentices under the Apprentices Act 1961-RBE 85/2012

  71. Induction of Trackmen in to other departments-Revision of Age Limit Regarding RBE 86/2012.

  72. Increment for those Railway Employees who were stagnating at the maximum of their pay scale for more than one year as on 01.01.2006- RBE 83/2012.

  73. Engagement of Retired Railway Doctors in Railway Hospitals.

  74. Promotion of non-science graduate in the CMS Grader II & CMS Grade-I in the scientific organizations.

  75. Cashless service for RELHS Card holder to take treatment in Recognized Private Hospitals in emergency.

  76. Corrigendum-Amendement to Tatkal Scheme.

  77. Railway Board's orders regarding exemption of service tax on passenger tickets uptill 30.09.2012.

  78. Fixation of enhanced family pension pre-2006 pensioners/family pensioners -clarification regarding-RBE 78/12.

  79. Transfer of Trackmen to Other Departments-Board has agreed to reduce the age limit from 45 years to 40 years.

  80. Amemdment in Tatkal Scheme.

  81. Railway Board Orders on Recruitment of Sportspersons on Zonal Railways / Production Units against Sports Quota.

  82. Recruitment to posts in Pay Band-l of Rs 5200-20200 (Grade Pay: Rs 1800) on Indian Railways -Delinking of Ex-servicemen quota regarding RBE 76/2012.

  83. Children Education Allowance/Hostel Subsidy-Clarifications Regarding.

  84. Railway Board's has asked zonal Railways for Qualitative improvement in Training. RBE 74/2012.

  85. Recruitment to posts in Pay Band-l of Rs 5200-20200 (Grade Pay: Rs 1800) on Indian Railways -Delinking of Ex-servicemen quota regarding RBE 76/2012.

  86. Orders for 25 % increase in mileage rates for Running Staff has been issued. Click this link for complete orders. Effective Date: 01.01.2011.

  87. DC/JCM Item Number. 14/2009 (Implementation Report on Progress of Corporate Welfare Plan).

  88. Minutes of the meeting regarding SPAD held on 12.06.2012.

  89. Railway Board's Circular regarding Age relaxation for the residents of J&K RBE 70/2012.

  90. Filling up the Group C posts of Para Medical Categories on contract basis..

  91. Sixth Central Pay Commission Recommendations Clarification regarding reckoning of NPA while calculating encashment of LAP RBE 68/2012.

  92. State Railway Provident Fund- Interest Rate 8.8% during FY 2012-13 RBE 68.

  93. List of Holiday Homes & their booking authorities RBE 69/2012.

  94. Corrigendum to Commercial circular no. 32 of 2012 in respect of amendments to Tatkal Booking Scheme.

  95. Extension to the scheme of "Honorary visiting specialists" to all Railway Hospitals..

  96. Recruitment under Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme for Guaranteed Employment for Safety Staff (LARSGESS) for the retirement/recruitment cycle of July-December 2011-Clarification.

  97. Quantum of debit raised in case of missing PRS tickets/rolls.

  98. On the demand of AIRF RELHS scheme has been opened again. Railway Board has issued orders in respect of this.

  99. Retention of Railway quarters by staff posted at ECR and NWR RBE 66.

  100. Grant of Transport Allowance to the Running Staff duly taking into account pay plus 30% of pay.

  101. Appointment of wards/spouse of Ex. RPF/RPSF personnel and wards/spouse of other than RPF/RPSF for posting in RPF/RPSF on compassionate grounds - procedure order.

  102. Implementation of Recommendations 6th CPC - Merger of grades - Revised Classification and mode of filling up of non-gazetted posts -Scheme for filling up of vacancies after 31.12.2011.

  103. Recruitment under Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme for Guaranteed Employment for Safety Staff (LARSGESS) for the retirement/recruitment cycle of July-December 2011-Clarification.

  104. Rates of Night Duty Allowance w.e.f. 01.01.2012.

  105. Clarification regarding Normal Position of LC gate "from closed to Road Traffic" and "to open road traffic".

  106. Periodical Transfers of Non-Gazetted Staff in Indian Railways- RBE 48/2012.

  107. Payment of Dearness Allowance to Railway Employees. Rates increased from 58% to 65 % and effective from 01.01.2012.

  108. Utilization of Railway Quarters lying surplus due to shift/Closure of establishments - RBE 43/2012.

  109. Upper Age limit for direct recruitment in Group C and D posts in railways has been extended upto 03-02-2015.

  110. Minutes of Record note of discussion held on 21.02.2012 regarding issues concerning Running Staff.

  111. Railway Board has issued clarifications on Children Education Allowance-RBE 45/2012.

  112. Railway Board has issued orders for increasing validity of Railway Privilege Passes, Complimentry Passes, PTOs, Widow Pass etc. from 120 days to 150 days.

  113. Railway Board order on extra increment for staff whose increment fell between Feb. to June in the pre revised scale before the implementation of sixth pay commission.

  114. Railway Board Orders on validity of duty pass for travel on Duronto Express.

  115. Time Table of Summer Special Trains issued by Railway Board.

  116. Enhancement in remuneration of contractual teachers engaged in Railways schools.

  117. AIRF Achievement: Appointment on compessionate grounds-one more chance for suitability test has been given.

  118. Revision of Training Modules of Supervisors: RBE 27/2012.

  119. Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 - Date of next increment in the revised pay structure under Rule 10 of the RS(RP) Rules, 2008. RBE 40/2012

  120. Constitution of Committee for interview/viva-voce in connection with recruitment to Group 'C' posts: RBE 29/2012.

  121. Inter-Railway own request transfer of sportspersons, recruited against sports quota; from one Railway/Unit to another Railway/Unit

  122. Incentive Increments to Sports Persons in Railways for outstanding achievements.

  123. List of Training Centres in Indian Railways..

  124. Railway Board has decided to allow pay scale of Rs.ll0-180 (AS) to Coach Attendants during the 2nd Pay Commission period instead of pay scale of Rs.75-89 (AS).

  125. Minutes of the PREM meeting held at Apex Level on 18.04.2012.

  126. List of documents for Family Pension to be submitted by claimant member of family.

  127. Appointment on compassionate grounds-minimum education qualification-clar. reg- AIRF PNM Item, rejected cases will be reconsidered.

  128. Travelling Allowance Rules on Transfe/Retirement -Clar Reg.

  129. Haj-2012 Deputation of Haj Assistant to consulate General of India-Jeddah.

  130. Grant of cash award - complaint regarding misappropriation of government money in the purchase of gift articles by fraudulent acts.

  131. Safety Related Retirement Scheme covering safety categories with Grade Pay of Rs. 1900/-. RBE -04/2012

  132. Rates of Night Duty Allowance w.e.f. 01.01.2012.

  133. Special Allowance @ Rs. 2500/month for Vigilance Inspectors working in Zonal Railways/PUs.

  134. Recognition of Certificate/Qualification of I.T.I. upgraded as centre of Excellence and its acceptance for the purpose of employment in railways.

  135. Appointment on compassionate grounds-minimum education qualification-clar. reg.

  136. Periodical Transfers of Non-Gazetted Railway Employees.

  137. Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of the 5th Central Pay Commission - Revision of pension of pre and post-1986 pensioners/family pensioners etc. - consideration of application for revision of pension/family pension.

  138. Interpretation of dependency criterion for granting two family pensions-clarification regarding.

  139. Issue of Special Pass to Retired Railway officers empanelled as inquiry officer.

  140. Amendment to Indian Railway Establishment Code Vol.-I regarding study leave rules.

  141. Provision of additional set of uniform for Breakdown staff.

  142. Provision of Carrying ID Proof during journey on reserved tickets.

  143. Trade Union Education Programme for the year-2012.

  144. Physical Efficiency Test(PET) for recruitment in the relevant categories under LARSGESS has been abolished.

  145. Inclusion of Institutes Societies, updating name of Institution in the list of recognized Institutions, for membership and reimbursement of membership fee.

  146. Revised training modules for supervisors of Mechanical Department.

  147. Revised training modules for supervisors of Electrical Department.

  148. Revised training modules for Assistant Loco Pilots.

  149. Revised training modules for S&T supervisors.

  150. Minutes of 45th PREM meeting held on 11.11.11 at APEX level.

  151. Age limits of staff other than involved in Train passin & operation for Refresher Courses has been revised.

  152. Annual Time schedule for Recruitment of Group D staff in Pay Band of Rs. 5200-20200(Grade Pay Rs. 1800).

  153. Recognition of Engineering Diploma/Degrees obtained through Distance Learning Mode for employment purpose in Railways.

  154. Railway Board Orders regarding Minimum qualification for Recruitment/Engagement of Persons in Pay Band of Rs. 5200-20200(Grade Pay Rs. 1800).

  155. Revision of Honorarium of Part Time Dental Surgeons in Indian Railways.

  156. Rates of Night Duty Allowance-Effective Date 01-07-2011.

  157. Extra Slots for women employees in PNM of Unions at Zonal and Divisional Level.

  158. Modification in the qualification to the post of Radiographer in PB 5200-20200 GP Rs. 2800 in Medical Deptt.

  159. Revision of Rates of stipend to apprentices and trainees on Railways.

  160. Payment of Road Mileage allowance for staff attending duties in Metro Cities.

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